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Add/Delete an Amenity


At the time of community setup, the amenities (such as a gym, yoga studio, social room, kitchen, office, recreation room, reading room, outdoor patio, meeting room, and storage area, etc.) were providing to our onboarding team.  In the event that an amenity was missed or a new amenity needs to be added, a request must be made to the Tribe Home Support Team.  At this time, it is not possible to add/delete an amenity directly in Tribe Home.

Adding an Amenity

Please send an email to support@tribehome.com and provide the following details:

  1. Amenity name
  2. An image of the space (optional)
  3. The floor name where the amenity is located

We'll add the information to your Tribe Home community.  Once it's visible, your Community Administrator can update the settings.  To learn how, click here.


Deleting an Amenity

Please send an email to support@tribehome.com with the subject line: [Tribe Home - Community Name] - Delete amenity, in the body of the email, please provide the amenity name.  Please allow 7-14 days for the community to be updated.

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