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Common Areas (iPad)


In the Common Area tab, you can find

  • All the Common Areas in the Building on the left, grouped by Floor / Approximate Location

  • For example- if you have an 'Outdoor lounge' area set up it will appear here
  • Search functionality

  • Download Issues button (behaves similar to Unit Issues)



Capturing Common Area Deficiencies

  1. Tap on the Common Area from the left you wish to record a deficiency for 

  2. Tap the 'New common area issue' button


3. You will be presented with a screen like the above

4. The process here is now very similar to adding Unit issues

5. You can add photos, tags, title, description, assignee, etc. just like with Unit issues

NOTE: The only differences are:

  1. Common Areas do not have Inspections

  2. There is a new 'Specific Location' field

    1. For example, if there is a deficiency in the Lobby, the Specific Location field might be used to describe where exactly in the Lobby the deficiency is located



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