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Viewing/Printing an attachment on the Loop


A post on the loop may contain an attachment such as a PDF or an image (jpeg/png file).  To view the document in full size, please click on the image icon shown at the bottom of the post:


The image will display in full screen.  Click the X in the far right menu bar to exit:


If you wish to print the file, you will not be able to perform this function directly out of Tribe Home. 

Please download/save the file to your computer first.  To do this open the file once again, then right click on the image to activate the menu:



Select 'Save Image As' and a dialog box will appear.  Type in a file name, and confirm the location you wish to save the file to your computer under 'Where':



The file will then save to your personal computer

Locate the file in the designated folder on your computer and click the file to open.   If the file has a .PDF extension, you will need a PDF viewer to review the file.  If you do not have a PDF viewer app, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking here.

Once the file is open, you can the application menu to print the file.



An example of the Preview application when viewing a PNG/JPG image, you can find the Print option under File:



An example of the Adobe Reader application when viewing a PDF file, you can find the print icon at the top of the screen:


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