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How to provide access for Trades to Tribe Home


As an alternative to generated reports sent through email to your builder, trades/subcontractors for resolution you can provide Trades with limited access to Tribe Home system so that they can view a list of only their deficiencies/issues.  You will first start with adding and inviting the team members who need access.


When Trade have been invited to access a Community in Tribe Home, they will receive an email as per below. 




After they click ‘Accept Invitation’ the Trade team member will then be taken to the below page where they can create a password to access Tribe Home.



Once they have created their account they can then access it by going to app.tribehome.com and logging in with their email and password.



How to give access to Trade to specific deficiencies/issues?


1. Go to People & Units

2. Click on the name of the trade team members shown in people list

3. Under Administrative Information, click edit Issue tags

4. Add the tag which you would like the trade team member to see deficiencies/issues for and click save

NOTE: Assign issue tags to this person to give them the ability to view and manage “Home Pro Admin” issues that share the same tag.

5. When Trade team member logins in, he/she will be able to view only deficiencies/issues that have that specific tag applied.

For example-

All the "Allan tag" deficiencies/issues are listed when the user login.  Note that common tag matching would be the trade company name.  





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