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Generate Inspection Report


In the web version of Tribe Home Pro you can generate reports using various filters and these can be exported in PDF or CSV format to send to the trades/ subcontractors and team members responsible for coordinating and fixing the deficiencies.



To generate reports login into your account at https://app.tribehome.com/login, click on the project your would like to generate a report for and click Home Pro Admin in left menu.

1. Go to Issues tab

2. Click on filter

3. Select the required filters- Issue type, Status, Inspection name, Building name, Issue tags, etc. 

4. You may search by various options (For further detail on Search by, please refer to the article- Finding an Issue)

5. Click on Apply filter

6. Click on "Generate a report of this list"

7. You will be asked to select file format

a. CSV-  If you select this, a CSV file will be download in your device



b. PDF- If you select this, then do the following-

1. Select the size of the images in the report- Small, Medium or Large

2.  File Name- Add a file name

3. Email to Recipient(s) - Add the email address whom you would like to send the report (Separate each email address with a comma)

4. You can also checkbox- Send myself a copy > Send report

5. You will receive a PDF report in your mailbox




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