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In the web view of Tribe Home Pro the OVERVIEW tab shows you a break down of your project's data so you can better understand what progress is being made on resolving all outstanding issues/deficiencies.  

If you have multiple buildings in your project you can select a particular building from the top right to see breakdown of the data by building. 

The OVERVIEW page is group by:

1. Tags

This will display a count of the all issues/deficiencies broken down by status that issue/deficiency is currently assigned, a count of the number of Inspections with at least one issue/deficiency tagged with that tag and a count of the number of Units with at least one issue/deficiency tagged with that tag.




a. You can click on filter under Tags, check the appropriate tag and click OK

b. Under Inspections and Units, you may click on + button to further drilled down with each Inspection name or Unit number. 

c. The last column illustrates a count of statuses of the issues/deficiencies currently assigned that tag, if you click on the number shown in blue you will be taken to pre-filtered list in the issues view that shows the all the issues/deficiencies with that tag and status assigned allowing for a report containing all the issues/deficiencies to be generated from this view


You may view the count of all unique issues/deficiencies if you scroll to the bottom 

2. Units

All the issues are arrayed with Unit Numbers

For e.g.  You may see 75 issues are captured for Unit 201

Correspondingly, you can click + beside Inspections and tags count to further drill down and view a count of the issues/deficiencies broken down by inspection name or by tag name specifically for that unit



3. Inspections

You can view inspection names and total number of issues/deficiencies. You can click on the numbers shown under Total Column and it will filter all the issues falling under certain inspection


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