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Council Voting - Creating a Vote


**NOTE** - This feature is only available in Tribe Managed Buildings

The Council Management feature allows for Community Managers to create votes and the council to vote using their Tribe Home accounts. 

To get started, click on Council Management in the left menu, click on voting Dashboard and Click on the Create a Vote button.


Each Vote needs to have the following:

(1) A Title

(2) Voting Options

The description field is an optional field, it can be used to provide more information about the vote. The Upload file button can be used to attach any relevant files.


A minimum of two voting options are required, more options can be added by clicking the add option button.  


When setting the duration of the vote, there is weekly, daily, hourly and minute fields to allow you to determine how long the vote will remain active.  The allow vote to close early option can be checked if you want to close the vote automatically after:

(1) everyone has voted 

(2) the required number of votes for one voting option has been received to ensure that greater than 50 % of votes have been submitted for that voting option (ex. 4 votes out 7 have been received for one voting option)

If they allow a vote to close early option is not selected then the vote will close after the preselected time has passed. The duration settings cannot be changed after the vote has been created so it is important to select carefully.  If anything needs to be changed after a vote is published then you either have to wait until the vote is closed to re-publish or complete a new vote.  



Note that the only voting threshold is greater than 50 % of the vote for one voting option,  The system will indicate the total number of votes needed in bold font for a vote to be carried under this threshold.

Saving a Vote and Publishing the vote

Votes can be saved as a draft by pressing the save and close option in the top left corner, it is important to save a vote that you are working on even if it is not complete.  If you navigate away from the screen or leave the window open for too long without saving then the information entered will be lost.  


Drafts can be accessed from the voting dashboard by pressing drafts 


Note: Votes cannot be changed once submitted.

When you are ready to publish the vote click on publish in the top right corner, and a list of current council members will be shown.  In order to finish publishing the vote, the list must be reviewed and the "I confirm that the strata council members list is accurate and up to date" must be checked. 

The confirmation is in place to ensure that previous council members are not listed as all listed council members will have the option to vote.  If the list is council member list is inaccurate or out of date then it is important to update the listed council members for your community before publishing as their roles cannot be updated while an active vote is taking place. 


This error message will also be displayed if you attempt to remove a Council Member or role from the community while a vote is in progress.

The following support article details how to update council member roles: Adding or Updating a role.


Once you have confirmed the list the publish button can be clicked to publish the vote and allow the council to vote.

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