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How to save password for Tribe Home on your iPhone or IPad to use when logging in


When accessing the Tribe Home site on your iPhone or iPad you can save the login credentials so they do not have be manually entered each time.   Please see steps below on how to do this.

(1) Go to the home screen of your iPad or iPhone and click on settings

(2) Scroll down and tap on passwords


(3) Enter passcode for phone or use Face ID to access

(4) Press + button to add a new saved password


(5) Type in app.tribehome.com as website and enter email and password login combo


(6) Open Tribe Home app or open Safari and go to app.tribehome.com

(7) Press passwords option on sign in screen to access your saved passwords and enter your passcode or your face ID to access list of saved passwords


(8) Press on tribehome saved password in password list and the email and password will be filled in the login page/screen so you don't have to manually type it in


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