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Emergency or Urgent Issue Contact Form - Admin View


As a Tribe Home Pro administrator, you have the ability to create an emergency contact form and make updates to form as needed.  This ensures that homeowners know the right contact information (i.e phone number or email) to contact for urgent/emergency issues.  To setup this form you have to do the following:

Log into your account

In the menu bar, select Home Pro Admin


The Home Pro Admin Web App will be displayed on your screen, click Manage settings in the top right corner


Scroll down and you will see the Emergency Contact Notice and Page Settings section, note if you do not see this option it means that feature has not been enabled.  If so, please contact our support team at support@tribehome.com to have this feature enabled.



There are two places where the emergency contact form can be displayed

(1) At the top of the post occupancy service request form page (i.e after owners click the post occupancy form to open a deficiency ticket)


(2) On the main Help Desk page (i.e after the owner clicks on Request Help button on Help Desk page)


As admin you have ability to choose where this should be displayed, it can also be displayed in both places concurrently to ensure that emergency contact option is not missed.

The rest of the form is setup in following manner

  • The Emergency contact title will be the title of form displayed to owners in the example above it is called "EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST"
  • The emergency notice subtitle is displayed below the title and can be used to ensure that owners are aware of the cases where the emergency option should be used or to display other pertinent information.
  • Notice Subtitle Link text is only displayed on the service request form page (see option 1 screenshot above) and will default to "click here for our emergency contact list".  This text can be modified to preferred text if the default is not appropriate.

Once the owner clicks on the emergency contact form option they will be directed to the emergency contact page which will show all the the information entered in the Emergency page title and Emergency contact content fields notice and settings page.  The page setup in example above would look like this:


This page can be as simple or detailed as you prefer and will allow for information entered with HTML formatting to be displayed.  Standard HTML formatting options include:

  • <b> - Bold text
  • <strong> - Important text
  • <i> - Italic text
  • <em> - Emphasized text
  • <mark> - Marked text
  • <small> - Smaller text
  • <sub> - Subscript text
  • <sup> - Superscript text

For example, bold formatting has been added below to make the phone number stand out



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