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Post Occupancy Form - Admin View


With an Administrator role, you have the ability to set the Post Occupancy form up as well as make any future modifications.

  1. Log into your account
  2. In the menu bar, select Home Pro Admin

The Home Pro Admin Web App will be displayed on your screen.  Click Manage settings to display the Post Occupancy Form.



This is a view of the Post Occupancy Form:



There are eight fields to update:

1) Default Assignee: The user that will automatically be assigned to any newly submitted post occupancy issues.  Note that the assignee will be notified by email when new issues are submitted by owners.

2) Default Inspection: Name of the inspection that all post occupancy issues will be linked to.  Note that this is the inspection name is shown when viewing issues on the iPad. 

3) Title: This is the tile of the Post Occupancy Form that owners see when they click on Help Desk and then click the 'Request Help' button 

4) Short Description: This is where you include a description of the form, this will appear below the Title.

5) Intro Text: Clarify what the form is for, and set expectations about turnaround time.

6) Extra Instructions: These will be shown after the owners click on the Post occupancy form.  You can put detailed instructions on how you want owners to submit issues. 

7) Tags: Click the checkbox IF you want Residents to be able to add tags to their service request

8)  Success Message: Message shown to owners after they submit a post occupancy issue.  

Once you have updated all fields click save button and your changes will appear.  One thing to note, is that by design only Owners are able to see the Post Occupancy Form.  You will be required to login with an Owner Role to see any changes made to the Post Occupancy Form.

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