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Adding / Editing Tags




The manage tags allows users to add and edit tags in the deficiency app as needed.  This feature can be accessed through the following: 

Option 1: Issues Tab

(1) Click on the Issues tab
(2) Click 'add filter'
(3) Select a Tag
(4) Click 'Manage Tags' at the bottom of the pop-up window (see screenshot below)



Option 2: In the Create Issue view

(1) Click on any unit in the units tab
(2) Click on an existing inspection or create a new one by pressing 'new inspection'
(3) Click on '+ New Issue' button
(4) Press 'Select tags'
(5) Click 'Manage Tags' at the bottom of the pop-up window 



To edit the name of any tag, swipe left on its name, then click the edit button to update the tag name.

When you are in the manage tags view, you can add tag categories by clicking the '+' button 

If you want to add a tag to pre-existing tag category, just click on the category (e.g. Appliances) and then press the '+' button



Removing a Tag

Removing a tag is only supported through requests made to Support@tribehome.com.

Only tags that have not been used can be removed.

When making a request for tag removal, please include the tag name and reason for removal.


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