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Post Occupancy FAQ


Q.  We have a contract but am not sure if we purchased the Post Occupancy tool.  How do we confirm?

A. Please reach out to Sales@tribetech.com and we will review your contract

Q. We are interested in offering this feature to Home Owners. How much does the Post Occupancy cost?

A.  Please reach out to Sales@tribetech.com for pricing

Q. I have logged into my Community as a Developer and I do not see the Post Occupancy tool listed in Manage Settings.

A. Please contact Support@tribetech.com

Q.  How do the Home Owners learn how to use the form?

A.  Tribe Home can provide a 2-page instruction sheet that you can print out.  Alternatively, the PDF will be uploaded to the Community into My Home + Our Community/Documents for Owners to read at their leisure.

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