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Taking a Picture


By Tapping on Add a Picture, the camera will be activated.  

Position the iPad over the area you'd like to capture and tap the capture button to take the picture or use the zoom function to zoom in a specific spot and then take the picture



Either select Use Photo or Retake option


After you are done can also:

  • Tap Cancel - to abort and return to the previous screen
  • Remove image - delete this image and take a new picture
  • Draw on the Image - Use this feature if you want to highlight a specific part of the picture.  

After tapping on the Draw on this Image button, the image you captured will appear.  Use your finger to draw on the image.


If you make a mistake, simply press the clear button at the top to wipe the screen.

Please note, once you save the image, you cannot modify the drawing.  If you make a mistake, you will have to delete the photo and repeat the process.  

Happy with your image? Press Save to return to the previous screen to continue documenting your issues.

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