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Submitting a Warranty Request to your Developer/Builder



If the Developer/Builder has partnered with Tribe Home to offer the Warranty Form, you have the ability to submit service requests directly through Tribe Home.


To submit a post occupancy service request, please complete the steps below:

  1. Visit https://app.tribehome.com or log into the Tribe Home app on your iOS device.
  2. Click on Help Desk in the left side bar:


3. Click on the Request help button


4. Click on the Warranty Submission menu option. [Note that name of the form may differ from the sample but it will be clearly indicated by a Yellow wrench icon as shown below]


Post occupancy.png

5. Select the space in your home that the issue is located in: 


6. Fill in the form and attach pictures, if necessary.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 10.44.28 AM.png

7. Click the Submit button.

Once submitted, you can either view your ticket details or submit another issue 



NOTE: Your request will be shown in the Help Desk as a ticket. The message thread can be used to communicate with your developer/builder about the issue.  Click on Write a reply in the message thread and the Developer will be notified of your question.



When the Developer/Builder replies to your ticket, you will receive a communication via email asking you to log into Tribe Home to view the response in the ticket.

Note: Tribe Home Support is not involved in the warranty process and cannot provide any information outside of providing technical support for features of Tribe Home.


Note: If the Warranty Submission Form is not visible in Help Desk:

  • Your Developer/Builder may not offer the Warranty Request feature in Tribe Home.
  • If Warranty Request feature has been communicated to owners of your building but you cannot access it, it may be restricted to your role (tenant/rental agent).  Please contact Tribe Home Support for further assistance.
  • The Support Team cannot answer or escalate any building/unit related warranty questions or issues, please contact your Developer/Builder/Property Manager directly.

Feel free to reach out to the Support Team with any questions about the features in Tribe Home at support@tribehome.com



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