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Submitting a Post Occupancy Service/ Warranty Request to your Developer or Builder



When moving into your newly built home, where your developer/builder has partnered with Tribe Home, you have ability to submit service requests to your developer/builder so that issues can be addressed before warranty expires.


To submit a post occupancy service request, please complete the steps below:

(1) Go to https://app.tribehome.com/ and login into your account (or open the Tribe Home app) on your smartphone/ computer

(2) Click on Help Desk in the left menu

(3) Click on the Request help button


(4) Click on the Post Occupancy form option, note that title of this form is customizable by your developer/builder but will be clearly indicated by a green wrench icon

(5) Select the space the issue is located in 


(6) Fill in the form, attach pictures if necessary

(7) Click the Submit your request button




Once submitted, you can either view your ticket or submit another issue 


NOTE: Your request will be shown in the Help Desk as a ticket. The corresponding message thread can be used to communicate with your developer/builder about the issue.  



Note: If you don't see the post occupancy form in your community please reach out to our team at support@tribehome.com 



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