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Role Visibility Settings


Modifying Role Visibility Settings

The role visibility controls help you to manage who is searchable in your Tribe Home community. Specifically, this page indicates the roles and sections of Tribe Home and allows you to toggle visibility on/off when members browse the people list for people to add to a Help Desk ticket or message thread.

Note: this does not make a community member invisible, nor does it apply to shared spaces such as the loop. Example - if a resident posts to the loop, all Community Members can view their redacted name. If a community member is added to a Help Desk ticket or message thread, the Community members associated with that ticket or message can see all someone is added to a thread, all participants in that thread can see their name.

If a Community Administrator wishes modify the default role visibility sessions:

  1. Log into Tribe Home
  2. Click on Community Settings in the left side bar menu
  3. Review the Role visibility controls section
  4. Click on the Edit button shown beside the role you wish to update and click on the blue checkboxes to remove visibility:

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.12.45 AM.png

5. Click Save when finished.

If there is a role you would like added to any of these groups, please contact Tribe Home customer support (support@tribehome.com)



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