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Role Visibility Settings


Modifying Role Visibility Settings

The role visibility controls help you to manage who can search for whom in the community. Specifically, they control which roles can find each other when browsing the people list or searching for people to add to a ticket or message thread.

Note: this does not make someone "invisible", nor does it apply to shared spaces such as the loop. If someone posts to the loop, everyone can see them. If someone is added to a thread, everyone in that thread can see them.

If there is a role you would like added to any of these groups, please contact Tribe Home customer support (support@tribehome.com)

In order to modify the visibility of a specific role to users with other roles follow the steps below:

(1) Click on Community Settings in Left Menu

(2) Click on Edit button shown beside that role


(3) By default all users in your community will be able to see other users, to make a specific role 'hidden' when a user with different role is viewing the people list uncheck the check boxes shown beside the role(s)


(4) Click the Save button


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