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Creating Polls


As a Community Administrator, you occasionally need to be able to post questions or solicit input on Tribe Home and enable Residents to respond (anonymously), so that you can gather building feedback and build consensus on important building issues or expenditures.

Creating a community poll on the Loop can help.

To begin, click inside the Share something with your community field in The Loop section.


Select the post option called Poll

Create a poll.png

1.  Enter the title of your poll

2.  Enter the multiple choice options residents will have to choose from. To add additional options, click on + Add an option 

3.  Select the poll closing date*

4.  Attach a document to your poll if applicable

5. Check the box 'send email notification' if you want to receive any related updates

6. Click Preview to preview your poll before posting.

*Closing date cannot be changed after your poll has been posted to the Loop


Poll Preview:


Click Edit to update your poll or click Post to post your poll to the Loop.

Residents will receive an email notification like the one below, notifying them that a new poll has been posted to your Tribe Home community.

Recipients can click the Respond & View Results button within the email to participate in the poll.


Email notification:


Active poll on the Loop: 

Use the toggle button to expand and collapse the poll results within your Loop feed.


Once the poll has closed it will become a Loop post message that community members can view within the Loop feed.

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