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Configure Help Desk Forms


The Help Desk section is where residents can access information or request assistance with common inquiries like replacement FOBS, permission for unit renovations, bylaw infraction reports and garbage/recycling pickup schedules.


Creating a New Form 

An Administrator can create two types of forms:

  1. Information only.  Such as visitor parking guidelines, this type of form is self service and is not assigned to an Administrator to perform a task.
  2. Assigned Form.  Such as an Enterphone Update request.  This type of form must include a registered Tribe Home user who is responsible for performing the building or unit related task. This type of form converts into a Help Desk ticket which is associated to the unit, resident who submitted it and the assignee(s).  Whenever a ticket is submitted, the assigned person(s) will receive a notification and can process the request or add a comment to the thread for further discussion.

To get started, click on Help Desk in on the left navigation panel.



1. Click the Manage ticket templates button:



2. Click on Create a template under Custom Tickets:



3. Enter a Help Desk Form name under Ticket name and type in the information under Instructions.  Adding an optional document (example: bylaws or instructions).  If this is an Information only form, click Save. 





3b. If you wish to create an Assigned Form, check the box beside Provide a section to submit details and files (this will generate a Help Desk ticket).  A new section will appear that will allow you to enter in the Default Assignee(s).  Note: Assignees must be registered users of Tribe Home and they must have an Admin role.


4. Once saved, your new form will appear in the Help Desk section under Create a Ticket:



Updating an Assignee in a Help Desk Form

1. Click the Manage ticket templates button:


2. Select the Help Desk Form you wish to update the assignee and click on Edit:


3. Click the X beside the assignee(s) and their name will be removed.  Enter in a new assignee if required and then click Save. Screen_Shot_2022-10-13_at_1.38.55_PM.png




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