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Assigning Unit & Resident Tags


Using tags, community administrators can create custom attributes to assign to resident and unit profiles.


Tags allow Community Administrators to filter people and units that share commonalities and send targeted messages when needed.


For example, the council may want to message all residents with pets in their unit to remind them to keep them on leashes in the common areas. 


Assigning Tags to Units & Residents

Community Administrators can assign tags to both Unit Profiles and Resident Profiles.

To begin, select a Unit or Resident profile in the People & Units section.

Click the Edit button next to Administrative Information

How to add a tag.png

Enter the tag(s) you would like to add to the tags pick list. You can add as many as you'd like.

Click Save.

Add a tag.png


To learn how to send a group message based on tags, please see the article Send One-to-One and Group Messages

Questions?  Contact the Customer Success team at support@tribehome.com or submit a request through the Help Centre.

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