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Update Your Full Name


This feature is to update your legal name in Tribe Home.

Please submit a Help Desk request along with legal documentation (such as a Birth Certificate or Driver's license or name change form from Vital Statistics).  

Administrators can review these requests and make the appropriate changes in order to preserve the community's records and data integrity.

Please note that this functionality is only available in the web version of Tribe Home (currently not available on the iPhone app). 

Please go to https://app.tribehome.com/login using any web browser and follow the steps below.

Submitting an Update Full Name Request

Click View Profile on the bottom left of your screen (below left navigation pane).

Select Edit Profile

Click the blue box with a pencil icon to open the Update Name dialogue box


Enter your correct first name, middle name and last name in the text boxes and attach a picture or document indicating your new/correct full name (Driver's License for example).

Click Submit




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