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How do I send a message or create a group communication?


Tribe Home offers a messaging platform to send or receive one on one/group messages to other members of your community.


Note: If your Tribe Home Community uses Help Desk, please communicate with Administrators via Help Desk instead of using the Message feature.

Similar to email, the messages stay within Tribe Home, notifying the recipient via email that they have received new correspondence. You can also add other community members to the thread, creating mini-private forums. 

All messages are private to only the people on the message thread.  Other Community Administrators and Tribe Support cannot view messages in our platform.


To get started, click on the Messages icon in your navigation panel.


  • New and unread messages have a yellow numbered icon beside the messages as well as the messages tab upon logging into Tribe Home.

Your Inbox, Simplified

Once you have clicked on your messages tab, you'll be taken to your inbox. Your inbox will look like the image below.Screen_Shot_2022-07-08_at_2.25.39_PM.png

  • Within your inbox you will see on the left beside a message thread a yellow indicator with a number - this will show you how many new messages have been received on the thread or if it is a new thread.
  • In the bold black text, you will see the title of the message - ex. "Wrong car parked in slot 2".
  • You'll notice in this example the number "2" with a person icon - this means two people are involved in this message thread.
  • We can also see the last time this thread was active simply by looking at the data in the "Last Activity" column.

Who's In My Thread?

Want to know who is in your message thread? Want to make sure you didn't miss anyone? We have you covered.

  • You can see above Jay S (Jay Simpson), there is a hyperlink in blue. This icon has two people and reads "2 people in this thread". You can click this two to see who these two people are.


  • From here we can manage the recipients within this specific thread and add or delete people as needed.

Compose a New Message

To begin a new chat message simply click on the blue + New Message button in the top right corner under your community name.


You will now be met with the following screen once you have clicked the + New Message button.


To: Enter the resident(s) and/or Council member(s) you would like to message - please note you CAN add more than one person to a single message.

Message title: The subject of your message

Enter your message here: The body of your message

Send it!

All participants will receive an email notification with your message text and can reply to the thread within the application.



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