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Book an Amenity


If your building offers amenities, they will be displayed in Tribe Home.


1. Click on Amenities in the sidebar:


2. Click on the Amenity you'd like to review


The amenity section will show bookable and non bookable amenities.

  • Bookable is defined as an amenity that needs to be reserved and a payment
  • Non bookable is defined as an amenity that does not need to be reserved and all residents have unlimited access to 

3.  When you open an amenity that is bookable, you will see a Request a booking button as shown below:


The amenity will display the following information:

Details - booking increments of 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.


  • choose a date to determine if the amenity is booked off by another resident or available
  • click Compare Availability to review schedules for multiple amenities (such as two elevators)

Hours - The amenity hours of operation are shown here

Request a booking 

Clicking the button will display the following information:


  1. Select your desired time in the Book start time and input the desired duration
  2. Click next
  3. Review the booking request, download and complete any forms (if required) and then click Submit Request



An email notification will be sent to the Community Administrator(s) assigned to reviewing the selected amenity.  Until then your request will remain in a pending status (shown in yellow in the calendar).  Once approved or denied, you'll receive an email notification.


You can review, cancel, or send any additional information by reviewing your amenity booking ticket in Help Desk.  Click on your booking (shown under 'Bookings on this day) to be taken to the amenity booking ticket or click on Help Desk in the left menu to see all your Help Desk tickets (including your amenity booking tickets).  

*Note that residents cannot cancel bookings that are in the past, if you need to cancel a booking that occurred in the past you should reach out to the community administrator.


If a form was required to complete the booking, you will need to upload it to the Help Desk ticket after your request has been submitted.

Under Comments, click on the Write a reply box to display the Attach file(s) button to attach the completed form:





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