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Creating a New Help Desk Form


The Help Desk in Tribe Home allows Community Administrators to create custom Question & Answer templates or assigned ticket templates.

 Creating a Help Desk form 

  1. Click on Help Desk in the left side bar
  2. Click on Manage ticket templates button.


  • You will see two options:
    1. Custom Tickets - Forms created by the Community Administrators.
    2. Default Tickets - Default Tribe Home Community Forms, these cannot be deleted.  You can manage the default assignee(s) in this feature.


Custom Tickets

  1. Enter a Ticket Name
  2. Enter Instructions for the Community Residents to follow for this specific request
  3. Attach file (optional).  You may add a form if it is required by the Community Member to fill out or read as part of the request.
  4. Check the box if you wish to Add Assignee(s).  This person(s) will receive notification of the submitted ticket and will process the information.  Note: Do not use this feature if you are simply displaying information.
  5. Click Save

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 10.36.37 AM.png

Once saved, your new form will appear in the Help Desk section after residents click the Request Help button.  



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