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Assigning Help Desk Forms


The Help Desk section is where community administrators can manage requests from residents for common inquiries like replacement keys, unit alterations and requests to join your Tribe Home community.  

Community administrators can also view reports from residents like bylaw infractions, common area issues or a change in tenancy all in the form of a form  

Each Help Desk ticket must be assigned to an administrator (or administrators) within your community.  

Whenever a form is submitted, the assigned person(s) will receive a notification and can easily approve or deny it.

To get started, click on Help Desk on the left navigation panel.


Assigning a Form

  1. Click on the Manage Forms button



    2.  Select the Help Desk form you'd like to assign


    3.  In the Assignee field type the name of the person responsible for the form and Select them


    4.  Click Save

Removing an Assignee

Removing an administrator or 'assignee' from a form is simple.  Follow the above steps 1 - 2.

Next, click on the 'x' next to the assignee's name in the Assignee field and click Save.


Note: If a form has no assignee then the form will not be active but it will show up in the list.

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