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Add & Invite People to Your Community


Every community has owners, occupants and renters who come and go.  It's the community Administrator's responsibility to keep the records of people in their community up to date.

Adding and removing people to your Tribe Home community is simple.

Start by clicking People & Units on the left navigation pane


Adding a Person

Before proceeding with adding a person, do a quick search for their name using the search bar.

If you cannot locate an existing account, then proceed to add them by clicking on the add person button.

People & Units.png

 Fill out the person's profile with the following information:

Add person to the community.png

  1. First Name (Required)
  2. Middle Name
  3. Last Name (Required)
  4. Email (Required to send invite)
  5. Phone
  6. Mailing address - Address for an offsite owner.  Do not enter the address of the unit.
  7. Role (required) - Owner, Tenant, Occupant, Property Manager, Developer, Builder, Council President, and for select communities - Rental Manager. 
  8. Unit # (Required if the Owner, Tenant or Occupant is selected).  A second role can be created for a Committee Member or Council Member

Click Add this person to add them to the community. 

Upon clicking Add this person, a popup window will be shown with the following options: 




After clicking on Invite Now, you will be routed to a screen that says Send Invite. 

NOTE: Pressing Invite later will add the person to the community but not send an email invitation for them to set up a Tribe Home Account.

If you wish to send an invite, please click Send invite:


If you send an invitation to an email associated with an existing Tribe Home account, an email invitation will not be sent.  Instead, they will receive an email notification that an additional community has been added to their Tribe Home account.  Going forward, when they log in, they will need to choose the community they wish to log into.


Bulk Invites

Want to invite all uninvited people at once?

Clicking the Invite this list button will invite all uninvited people at once.

Note: This only sends invites to uninvited people and doesn't re-send previous invitations.

To learn more about accepting an invitation from Tribe Home, Check out this article.

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