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Edit Your Profile


Updating your profile information

You can fill out your profile information by clicking View Profile at the bottom of the left navigation pane:


 From there, click on the Edit Profile


There are 3 sections in the Edit Profile Section: Personal Info, Login Info, and Notifications


Edit Personal Info

The following information can be add/changed in the personal info section:

  • Profile Picture - Add or change it here
  • Display Name - This is the name that will appear to other residents in the community.  Your Full name can only be updated by an Admin user but it will not displayed to other residents.
  • About Me - Tell others a little about yourself like your hobbies and interests
  • Phone - Add your phone number so Admin members have a record of it.  You can choose to display it to other residents in the community or keep it private.
  • Mailing Address - For non-resident owners, enter an optional address here if you wish to receive Council correspondence and documents to an address different from the one within the community. 

Edit Login Info

You can update the Email (Updating Your Email Address) and Password for you account here


Edit Email Notification Settings

You can set your email notification preferences here. See Change Email notifications preferences



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