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To familiarize yourself with the Tribe Home Community Platform, we'd like to introduce you to the features on the left side bar:

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The Loop Review important building related information posted by Community Administrators & Members.  

Loop posts that are associated with an event date will be displayed in this calendar.


A list of Community Members & Administrators

Community Documents

View, upload and download important community documents such as meeting minutes and rules & bylaws.

My Home View unit details 
Help Desk*

Help Desk has two features:

1. Question & Answers for popular building related questions.

2.  Residents can submit unit/building related requests or issues such as fob replacements, unit alterations, or bylaw violations which are processed by Community Administrators.


Send one-to-one or group messages to members of your community. The messages stay within Tribe Home, notifying the recipient(s) via email that they have received new correspondence. You can also add other community members to the thread, creating private forums. 


Manage bookings and track usage of your communities amenities like the service elevator or move-ins/move-outs, common rooms and facilities.

Community Settings

Community Administrators can add and remove unit and user tags, and customize the visibility settings for different roles in their community.

About Tribe Home

An overview of Tribe Home functionality along with Nguidelines for use.

*Important: Some Tribe Home features may not be offered at the discretion of the Community Administrators.

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