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Who can create a Tribe Home account?

Tribe Home is currently offered to Residential Condominium Builders who purchase Tribe Home Pro.  Interested in purchasing Tribe Home Pro? Send an email to sales@tribetech.com

Tribe Management managed communities also receive access to Tribe Home. Interested in management services for your building? Please send an email to info@tribemgmt.com

Effective April 2021, Tribe Home is no longer sold as a standalone product.  

How do I access Tribe Home?

An invitation will be sent directly to your email to set up a secure password.  You will log in using your email address.  The login page can be found at app.tribehome.com. Click here on how to log into Tribe Home.

Is there a Tribe Home Community App?

We have a native iOS app. Click here to download it. Otherwise for our Android users, please click here on how to set up your web browser.

Who can access my Tribe Home community?

The Community Administrator(s) manages residents' access, and only verified residents are permitted to use Tribe Home. 

Is my data safe with Tribe Home?

Yes. Tribe Home houses your data in a distinct server environment that is not shared by any other community. These Microsoft Azure servers (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/) have a high level of redundancy and security to ensure that your data is safe. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies use these servers, and you are further protected by our login algorithm.

How do I contact Tribe Home Support?  

Our friendly Support Team is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST excluding Canadian Statutory holidays

1) By email: Support@tribehome.com

2) By phone: (604) 398-4161 ext. 1

3) Via Tribe Home: Click on the Help Desk menu item, then click New Ticket/Tribe Home Assistance


Note: The Support Team assists residents with questions about our community platform software, Tribe Home. If your question/issue is related to your building or unit, you will need to contact your Community Team at Tribe Management via the Help Desk.

Self-serve support is available 24/7 by clicking here.


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