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Removing a Person from Your Community


People come and go from your community and it's important to keep your list of people up-to-date.  

Removing people from your community is important to maintain accurate resident lists as well as keeping your Tribe Home community private.

Removing a Resident from Tribe Home

To begin, locate the person's profile by clicking People & Units in the left menu


  • Locate the person you would like to remove by searching their name.
  • Access their profile by clicking on their name shown in blue
  • Click Edit roles in the Roles section of their profile


  • Click Remove [resident name] from the community


  • Click Okay to the system prompt that appears confirming the residents removal

You're done!

The person will no longer have access to your community.

Special Note for Residents:

If you wish to remove your account from Tribe Home contact your community administrator (property manager or council/board member) through the Messages section and request that it be removed.  

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