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Removing a Person from Your Community


People come and go from your community, and it's essential to maintain an accurate resident list. The Tribe Management Team is responsible for processing join requests and managing (adding/removing) community members.  [Note: Tribe Home Support Team does not manage members in Tribe Home]


Removing a Person from Tribe Home

To begin, locate the person's profile by clicking People & Units in the left sidebar:


  • Locate the person you would like to remove by searching their name by typing in the "Find a person" field.
  • You then can click the person's name once searched and access their profile.


  • Once on their profile, you can click Remove from community as shown below.



If the person you are removing is an Administrator (Property Manager, Council Member, Admin, etc.) and is currently assigned Help Desk tickets, the system will prompt you to reassign the tickets to another Administrator. Alternatively, you can delete the form or change the setting so tickets are not assigned via Help Desk and instead show information.

Next, enter the first and last name of the registered Tribe Home Administrator that will be assigned to the help desk forms.

Note: the Suppress email notifications for this change is checked by default.  This setting prevents the new assignee from being notified of this change.  If you wish for the assignee to be notified, please uncheck this box. 

Next, click the Reassign Items button on the bottom right hand corner of the page: 



A pop up will display stating that the reassignment process is in progress.  This process typically takes 3-4 minutes depending on the information is is processing.  You may navigate to another window or task in the meantime.  



You will receive an email notification when the reassignment process is complete and you can resume with the removal of the community member in Tribe Home:


Click on the Remove from community link to complete the final step:


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