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How to request to join a Tribe Home community


As a resident you can easily search, locate and request to join your Tribe Home community.

When a request to join is created the community management is notified.  Once approved the resident is sent an email invitation. 

Requesting to join your Tribe Home Community

Visit the webpage https://app.tribehome.com/find-my-community


(1) Enter your Community Name or City 

(2) Click on the Search button

(3) Click on your Request Access of the desired community from the list 


(4) Fill out your name, email address, role and unit number.  


(5) Click Submit request

These details will be used by the community administrators to verify your residency before they approve your registration request.

If your community cannot be found it likely hasn't been set up on Tribe Home yet.  If it has been set up and you cannot find it please contact support@tribehome.com to report the issue.



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