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Turning Email Notifications On or Off


Control email notifications you receive from your Tribe Home community.

Notifications are managed in your profile, begin logging at https://app.tribehome.com/login and then clicking View Profile below the left navigation pane.


Click Edit Profile on the top right corner.


Select the Notifications tab


There are two options. 

  1. new comments and messages - You'll receive an email notification in the event someone replies to a looped message you have posted, you joined a loop post conversation or you've been sent a private message. If unchecked, you will have to log into Tribe Home to review any recent posts made to yours or others' Loop posts or any private messages received. 
  2. important loop posts and urgent alerts - All registered users are automatically subscribed to these important notifications.  This ensures that you receive important/urgent notifications from your board or council regarding your community.  Users cannot turn this notification off.



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