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How to send a message or create a group message thread


You can send private messages to one or more registered residents, Council Members or other Community Administrators.

The messages stay within Tribe Home, notifying the recipient via email that they have received new correspondence. You can also add other community members to the thread, creating mini-private forums. 

Similar to email, all messages are private to only the people on the message thread.  Other Community Administrators and Tribe Support cannot view messages in our platform.


To get started, click on the Messages in the left sidebar:


  • New and unread messages have a yellow numbered icon beside the messages as well as the messages tab upon logging into Tribe Home.

Next, your inbox will be displayed as per the sample below:



To compose a New Message

  • Click on the blue icon New Message button and add the following information:
  • In Recipients: Enter the registered community members you would like to message (previously communicated members may be displayed otherwise, it will not list all of the members. This is to prevent spamming)
  • You can add multiple recipients
  • Enter a Subject: The subject of your message
  • Enter your message.  
  • Attachment: You can attach any relevant file or image if needed.
  • Click Send when the message is good to go.

Create a message.png

Your message text will be delivered to all participants through email and/or iPhone notification (if app is downloaded on the recipient's device), allowing them to reply to the thread.


Group Messages 

As an administrator in your community, you have the option to send group messages to registered users within the Tribe Home platform. 

To send a group message go to People & Units 

You can filter and send messages to residents in 2 ways (both are optional):

1.  By Role - Send a message to everyone, council members, owners, etc.

2.  By User Tag - Send a message to residents with a particular tag assigned. Press the filter button to select a tag


The individual list can be sorted after clicking the Filter button, as seen in the screenshot below, and the filter can be used.


After setting your filters, click the Message this list button.


Enter your subject and message body, and then send. All participants will receive an email notification with your message text and can reply to the thread within the application.


That's it!


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