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Managing and Reviewing Help Desk Tickets


As a Community Administrator, reviewing Help Desk tickets and amenity bookings from residents is quick and easy with Tribe Home.  Review and keep track of bylaw infractions, key fob/card replacements and tenancy changes with ease.

When a resident submits a request via Help Desk, a notification will be sent to your Tribe registered email.

Reviewing Help Desk Submissions

To start, select Help Desk from the left navigation.


Filtering Help Desk Submissions

There are 4 quick filters provided that allow users to quickly show Active tickets, Tickets Assigned to Me, Unread tickets and Archived tickets.  Only one quick filter can be applied at a time if more detailed filters are needed to see the instructions below.


(1) Click the Filter button (highlighted by the red box above) to change the filters

Note: The Default filters are Active, Assigned to Me, Unread, and Archived.  Click on the button highlighted in red to change your filter settings.


The search bar can be used to search by unit number, names of people (either assignees or the requestor), ticket number, or the title of the ticket.

Viewing and Managing Tickets

Click on any ticket to be redirected to the ticket details page



In the ticket detail view, you can communicate with the requestor by clicking in the Write a reply text box.  Type your message and then press the comment button to send the message. 

Please note messages cannot be edited or deleted after they are sent.  

You can remove recipients by clicking on Manage and then clicking the red Remove button beside the name of the person you wish to remove.  Once this action is completed, responses will not be forwarded to that person.  Remove someone by mistake, simply click Manage again and click Add a Person and enter their name.

The ticket status can be approved or denied from this screen, by selecting one of these options from the dropdown menu. When the status of a ticket is changed, the requestor will receive an email notification that the submission has been updated. 


If the status is not applicable and you want to close the ticket, click on Archive this ticket.  The requestor will be notified by email that their ticket has been archived. 

Note: Requestors do have the ability to respond to a closed ticket which will reopen the ticket.

The default view of tickets is to only show 'Active' tickets.  Archived tickets can be revisited by using the filters, if you would like to see Archived tickets the filter has to be changed to display archived tickets.




Bulk updating Tickets

If you have more than one ticket that needs to be archived, unarchived, marked as read, or marked as unread then you can use the bulk edit functionality to make updates to multiple tickets at the same time.  

For example, if there is a number of amenities booking requests that need to be archived you can

(1) Check off the tickets that you want to update individually (as indicated in the screenshot below) 

(2) Use the select all checkbox to select all the tickets currently shown (indicated by the red square in the screenshot below but not checked). 




Note that filtering your tickets first to only show the tickets you want to update will allow you to use the 'select all' checkbox to make bulk updates quickly and efficiently.  For example, if you have a number of unread tickets that you want to update you should use the unread filter and then use the select all checkbox to make bulk update to those tickets.  Alternatively, if you have a number of amenity bookings that you want to bulk archive you can type the amenity name in the search bar and only tickets for that amenity will be shown (see screenshot below)



When you have selected all the tickets and are ready to update, press the 'Bulk Edit' button.  There is two update options:

(1) Updating a tickets archive status to either archived or unarchived

(2) Updating a ticket read status to either unread or read

Note that you have the option to either send an email notification to all members of the thread or you can suppress the email notifications so an email notification will not be sent.


Click the option you want in the dropdown (i.e mark as archived in the screenshot below) and then click the apply changes button to make the update


Ticket Templates

The community's administrators should be the assignees for both default and custom forms. Default tickets for Tribe-managed buildings will be assigned to CSS or RSS depending on whether the community is a strata or rental one.




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