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Add or Update an Amenity


At the time of Onboarding, the developer may provide information on the amenities (such as a gym, yoga studio, social room, kitchen, office, recreation room, reading room, outdoor patio, meeting room, and storage area, etc.). In case the data is unavailable, we will update the information on the front end, and also may add a certain number of placeholders.

Adding an Amenity

If you require a new amenity to be added to your community, our support team can assist. We would need the following details:

  1. Amenity name
  2. An image of the space (optional)
  3. The floor name where the amenity is located

We'll enter the above information and the other fields can be filled in by an administrator within your community.

 Updating an Amenity

  • Go to Amenities on the left menu
  • Select the amenity you'd like to update and click Edit.


As an administrator, update the below fields:

Details Section

Amenity Name - (mandatory)

Location - (optional) Select the building and floor where the amenity is located. You can provide additional notes about usage of amenity.

Image - Upload an image of the amenity

About - Enter your community's rules or guidelines regarding use of the amenity.

Call to action - (Optional) A call to action button can be used to re-direct users to external or internal URL.  


Blocked Off Time Section

To restrict community members from scheduling that exact time, utilize the block off time option to block off hours for routine or one-time servicing or maintenance.


How to add 'Blocked Off' Time  

1.click the add an event button

2. Enter the name the of event

3. Set the occurrence (daily, weekly or one-time),

4. Select the date, start time, and duration of the event. 

5. Click on "add event" button when done, for daily or weekly recurring events 




How to Delete 'Blocked Off' Time  

1.) Click on the amenity you blocked time off from 
2.) Click on the 'Blocked Off Time' tab.
3.) Scroll down, and click on the downwards arrow, there should be a drop-down option that says 'Delete'
4.) Click on Delete to remove the Blocked off time.

Activity History
Click here to view the history of all events you booked time off for :



Opening Hours Section

Set the hours per day the amenity is available for use.  If open 24/7 check the This amenity is always open check box.  

Check  Closed if the amenity is not open at all on a particular day. 

Click on Save



Booking Settings Section

Bookings - Check This amenity is bookable if this amenity requires a community administrator's approval for booking 

Default Assignee the community admin responsible for managing the amenities' booking.

The assignee is notified via email when a booking for the amenity has been made. The community admin can then approve or deny the booking through the Help Desk section.

For communities with multiple buildings, the Accessible buildings feature can be used to only allow residents of a specific building(s) to view/book an amenity.

Provide any special instructions or information to be requested during the booking process.

Attach a downloadable attachment such as a amenity checklist or terms of use document.  The requestor will be presented with an option to download the form during the booking process.


Max. and Min. booking

Booking Increments: Sets the amount of time that can be booked between min and max times

Max. booking: The maximum time allowed to book an amenity

Min. booking: The minimum time allowed to book an amenity

The example below will allow users to book in 15-minute increments for up to 1 hour. 

Click Save 


How to create Amenity Groups 

1.) Click on 'configure'

2.) Click on '+New Group'

3.) Add a group name



4.) Drag and drop ungrouped amenities under the desired group name


Here is an example of a group amenity that is amongst ungrouped ones:


The 'View Availability for' button allows users to view all amenities for that date and time. 

How to Delete an Amenity Group

To delete an Amenity Group, click on 'Configure'. Click on the 'drop down' and then select 'delete'



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