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Accepting your invitation to join Tribe Home


When your community joins Tribe Home, your Community Administrator(s) are responsible for sending invitation for residents to join the community and they also manage users. 

Note: If you have not received an invitation you may be able to send a request to join your community.  Read this article: Request to Join a community.

Note: you will need an active email account to receive your invitation. 

Below is an example of a Tribe Home email notification to join your community.

Note: The subject of the invitation should be "[Your first name] - [Your Community Name] Tribe Home invitation"


After clicking 'Accept Invitation' you will be directed to a browser window where you will create a secure 8 characters or longer password.  


You can click on the Terms and Condition & Privacy Policy link to read our documentation on the usage of Tribe Home.   

Then click on 'Enter Community' button to finish the account creation process.


Note:  You can access the Tribe Home Community Guidelines when logged into your community.  It is shown on the left side bar under About Tribe Home



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