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How to view details of a submitted Help Desk ticket


To view:

  1. Log into Tribe Home.
  2. Click on Helpdesk


Locate the ticket you wish to view in the list. If the list is lengthy, you can search for the ticket # that is provided via email from Tribe Home Support in the Search bar below:


Click on the ticket, and the details will then appear:


You can cancel the booking as a resident if you no longer require it. You can also add a comment, which will be visible to all parties on the ticket (shown under Assigned to). 


Only Community Administrators of Tribe Home can view tickets they are not assigned to.  


When comments are left in the ticket, an email notification will also be sent to the Assignees.


An email notification will be sent to the Requestor (Submitted by) when the Assignee leaves a comment, changes the ticket status, or when it's resolved.


Note: Tribe Home cannot provide a status update on any submitted Help Desk ticket. They can assist with technical issues or questions about Tribe Home features.

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