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How to view a list of submitted Help Desk tickets


Once you have submitted a ticket, it will be saved in Help Desk. 

To view:

  1. 1. Log into Tribe Home.
  2. Click on Helpdesk


A search bar appears at the top which will allow you to enter a ticket number or a keyword

[Use a space between keywords to show results that contain all keywords.  Use a comma between keywords to show results that contain at least one of the keywords.]



Each ticket will display one of seven (7) statuses:

  1. Requested (new)
  2. In Progress - Internal
  3. In Progress - External
  4. Approved
  5. Denied
  6. Cancelled
  7. Captured*

*Only available in communities that offer Warranty Servicing


To learn how to review a submitted Help Desk ticket, click here.


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