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Community Fact Sheets


**NOTE** - This feature is only available in Tribe Managed Buildings


As Council member you have ability to review your community fact sheet information by clicking on Community fact Sheet in left menu.  

There is 5 headings that contain information about your community

1. Building Info has the following information: Address of the building, number of units in the building, lockbox code and location, the number of meetings per year, and the buildings accounting year end date.

Other Information Field can will contain information that is specific to your community/building

2. Developer if your building recently built the developer contact information will be located here

3. Council/Board each council/board members name, role and contact information will be listed

4. Services  the contact information for people and service companies contracted for your building will be listed here.  Search bar can be used to lookup specific company or persons name.

5. General info  can be used to store information about move in procedures, fob/transmitters, vacation information about employees, etc.





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