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Uploading a document to My Home


As a resident, Tribe Home offers a convenient place to store your personal documents.  To access this section, please click on My Home in the side bar:


Then click on the documents header at the top of the page:



Click on New Folder or Attach File to get started.  You can move files to folders as well. 


Click on the arrow on the right of the file to display menu options:

  1. Rename the file
  2. Delete the file

If you wish to set permissions on who can view a file, you will need to create a folder.

  1. Click on New Folder 
  2. Name the Folder
  3. Choose a permission (Everyone vs Owners and Admins only)
  4. Click Create



Please note that while this section is hidden to other residents outside of your unit(s), Community Administrators can view documents stored in this section. 

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