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Tribe Home offers a messaging platform to send or receive one on one/group messages from other members of your community.

To view the messages section, please click on Messages in the left side bar:



Here, you will see all messages you have been added to as a collaborator:


By selecting a message, the following information is displayed:


You can click on Participants to view the other people included in this private message.

Click on Add Participants to include new people to the thread (Note: all previous communications in the message thread will be visible to the newly added person).


You can remove a participant of the message thread by clicking on the ellipses (3 dots) to display the Remove option as shown below:


The message will then no longer be available in the Messages section for that person's Tribe Home account.  

Other Messages Features:

  • You can filter the messages by clicking on Sort by Newest activity and select Oldest Activity.
  • You can use the search bar to locate key words in messages

Things to note:

  • Archive/Delete functionality is currently not available at this time
  • Messages cannot be forwarded outside of the Tribe Home community 
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