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How to review registration status


There are three registration statuses available in Tribe Home:

1. Registered - the user has received the email invitation, has agreed to the terms of service and has successfully set up their Tribe Home account with a password

2. Invited - an email invitation to Tribe Home has been sent to the user's email address on file. Please check the junk folder if the user has not received the invitation.

3. Not Yet Invited - an email invitation to Tribe Home has not been sent.  Most commonly, this is because there is no email on file or the Administrator has not sent the invitation.


To view the registration status, please click on People & Units in the sidebar of the Community:



The filter is defaulted to all residents under any role, sorted by last name.  To change the results, please click on the filter button shown in the example below:


Then, choose your status from the list:


Filter the people list.png

Click Apply when finished.

The residents under that status will be displayed.  



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