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Help Desk: Bulk Updating tickets


If you have more than one ticket that needs to be archived, unarchived, marked as read, or marked as unread then you can use the bulk edit functionality to make updates to multiple tickets at the same time.  


For example, if there is a number of amenities booking requests that need to be archived you can

(1) Check off the tickets that you want to update individually (as indicated in the screenshot below) 

(2) Use the select all checkbox to select all the tickets currently shown (indicated by the red square in the screenshot below but not checked). 




Note that filtering your tickets first to only show the tickets you want to update will allow you to use the 'select all' checkbox to make bulk updates quickly and efficiently.  For example, if you have a number of unread tickets that you want to update you should use the unread filter and then use the select all checkbox to make bulk update to those tickets.  Alternatively, if you have a number of amenity bookings that you want to bulk archive you can type the amenity name in the search bar and only tickets for that amenity will be shown (see screenshot below)




When you have selected all the tickets and are ready to update, press the Bulk Edit button.  There is two update options:

(1) Updating a tickets archive status to either archived or unarchived

(2) Updating a ticket read status to either unread or read


Note: Ensure the Notifications is checked to prevent an email notification being sent to the requestor letting them know you are updating the tickets.



Click the option you want in the dropdown (i.e mark as archived in the screenshot below) and then click the Apply Changes button to make the update


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