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Export Overview table on Dashboard- Web



This button will help export the inspections-

  • The table will be exported as a CSV file.
  • The table will contain the data as presented on the screen.
  • Data that is hidden or filtered out in the overview table will not be exported.
  • Clicking on a number in the dashboard takes the user to the issue list with a filter executed to only show the issues corresponding to the number clicked on

Here are the steps to export the table:

  1. Go to Home Pro Admin
  2. Go to Overview
  3. Dashboards containing counts of issues in all statuses that can be grouped by
  • Tags
  • Inspections
  • Units

4. If there are multiple buildings, you may choose the one you want the report for


5. Click on the blue button which says "Export table"

6. A small window will appear and click on "Export table"


7. A CSV file will be downloaded to your system


  • Note that only Active tickets are counted (not Archived)
  • Note the statuses displayed & counted in the Dashboard are specific to the Community. Different Communities can have different statuses 


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